Style with: the best choice for the same kind of decor jack vettriano prints uk painting the living room , you can also occasionally used twelve different styles of decorative painting embellishment, but not too messy . In addition , such as decorative painting particularly conspicuous , but the style is very clear , with a strong visual impact, it is best to match their style furniture , cushions and so on.

① Partial European-style rooms , suitable for use with oil paintings also need to distinguish specific categories : pure European style suitable for Western classical painting ; European-style villas and other high-end residential might consider some of portrait painting ; Jane European Impressionist paintings of some houses can Xuanyi ; garden decoration style with floral themes can be the Singing Butler prints on canvas .

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② partial Chinese-style theme room best choice for Chinese oil painting , landscape painting with flowers and birds , fish and insects , or the theme of the painting. You can also choose a special effect painting , knife paintings, impasto painting , fantasy and freehand painting and so on. Because most of these paintings with a strong tradition of folk colors, and Chinese decoration style is very fit , in addition, this type of painting is also very suitable for owners who seek individuality.

③ partial fit with modern style decoration impression , abstract painting ; postmodern and other avant-garde fashion style of decoration is particularly suitable for use with modern abstract painting decorative themes can also be used personality full of decorative painting , such as abstract image of the individual poster painting and so on.