First child art education is to cultivate loving , carry the force of imagination and invention , rather than professional skills training . Process their art activities , hand-eye cultivate harmony , detailed investigation force , early intellectual development processes keen imagination , bold inventions force . Kids art activities for children EQ cultivation effect: children in art activities, needs patience, perseverance , happy mood and experience of the United States , the demand for fully involved , demand from beginning to end , the demand for child ventured quiz , I fear , all this has help foster children audacious and persistent effort.

 Demonstrate clear picture of the damage : demo painting method, although able to carry out this kind of education a child 's painting skills, but simply constitute child jack vettriano prints painted formalized conceptualization that depressed children are forced to stop thinking and imagination of children to carry out , destroying their potential invention know. Generous sensibility that children , counseling children learn to survey : The survey is an international children know , an important way to acquire knowledge , the child should be more touching outside to investigate unique, incomparable and unique appearance, nurture their complete expression of things to know .

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 Rich and colorful forms , use a variety of educational methods: divergent , novelty is an important feature of childhood , intact painting information and education practices, will only make the child feel dreary things . Diversified forms, can arouse the child's curiosity . Children growing compliance rules , understanding and respect for the child works: " will be blind draw The Singing Butler prints", " nothing like ", " like" and " unlike" evaluation norms, which most parents misunderstanding locations. You know, this kind of " like " is painted on the outside of international child really sincere feelings and inner international outpouring is true , good and beautiful performance , it is this activity enlightened their minds , nurture them the characteristic quality.

 Foster inventive important effect: invention force generally known as " the Golden " skills , nurturing force of invention in the 10 -year-old ever , especially 2-7 years is to cultivate invention force primetime and art activities is ! cultivating high-quality vector invention force . Learning scientific knowledge is an important way to cultivate invention force : huge system "common sense " is not only "invented " no shortage of data, and directly provoked "invention" of intuition or creativity.

When the " common sense" constitutes a common system , the child may consider only issues from multiple perspectives , constitute a broad vision and flexible forms of thinking , at the end of the idea of ​​jumping into a homemade effect . Probably foster child from what invention Force: invention force is the force felt by sensitive , circulation , flexibility , initiative , elaboration of these five areas to the performance, especially need to be set in the curriculum .