Linseed oil , also known as linseed oil, is extracted from the seeds of the flax plant , is the main medium of oil paint jack vettriano prints .

Cold-pressed linseed oil : is the purest form of linseed oil . Its basic use is as Jack Vettriano Game On Oil paint reconcile agent.

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Thermal refining linseed oil : It is with steam heat and pressure methods to extract the juice , also known as steam -pressed linseed oil, cold pressed higher yields . At present, China art supplies store that sells mostly hot linseed oil refining , bleaching and divided into two primary colors.

Sun thickened linseed oil : cold-pressed linseed oil refining and heat is mainly used for making oil paint to reconcile agent. For painting is thickened linseed oil . Commonly used way sunlight thickening ( see ” color liquid preparation ” ) . It is an excellent quick-drying color oil.

Polymerized linseed oil : linseed oil is heated to a thick transparent and excellent color oil paintings made over 300 ℃ in a sealed state. While doing not particularly fast, but the color layer produced an unusual dry strength and crack performance. Suitable for classical painting transparent cover stained purposes.

Flax oil palette : cooked linseed oil , which has a 10% plus varnish, turpentine and 15% of the 0.5 to 3 % cobalt driers .