Simply do oil painting media agent, in the Byzantine era it was tested . According to records, this painting placed under the hot sun for several months is still not dry. 1200 , Lu Franciscan monk Theo Phil Ross wrote about painting paper " diverse art form " , in this paper, he introduced the use of linseed oil and the Arab resin.

Similar paintings of the late 13th century painting had appeared in the British Isles . 14 century, the Netherlands in two painters Van Eyck brothers ( Young Van Eyck and his brother Hubert van Eyck ) to find an easy way to paint with oil paint melts , creating a pure painting . Although art historians can not conclude that the brothers Van Eyck is the inventor of painting , but at least they found an ideal medium of painting with oil -based formulations on the basis of previous experiments .

Many experts believe that their greatest achievement is the inclusion of natural resin in fat , so that the line of smooth, quick-drying media agent . Young Van Eyck 's "jack vettriano prints" a painting , and his most famous work "Jack Vettriano Game On" ( now in the possession of the holy city of Ghent, Belgium Ba von church, consisting of 23 paintings . ) Is considered is the most important works in the history of European painting .

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Oil, technology Van Eyck brothers invention , is said to be mixed with a "white varnish Bruges " and linseed oil paint together with them to reconcile his painting had used tempera paint and found good results . ( Some researchers believe that "white varnish Bruges " is a distillation of turpentine , and now we are still using oil paint diluted with turpentine . ) Italian first studied painting techniques and master painter Anton Nailuo da Messina (Antonueuo De Messina 1430-1479 ) is said to go to the Netherlands after the Van Eyck brothers learned painting techniques, returned to Venice to teach the use of oil paint , oil painting since then as an independent kind of painting became popular in continental Europe. For centuries, generations of artists through inheritance and creation, painting the further development and improvement.