The blue oil paint colors

Ultramarine : the first is polished with natural semi-precious stones ( jade bluestone ) made ​​it crystal clear with beautiful color, very expensive. Today, using a synthetic ultramarine , strong stability , poor adhesion , covering power in general, doing slow, suitable for transparent jack vettriano prints uk painting. In addition to the copper pigment ( jewel green ) is slightly outside the reaction can reconcile any other pigments. Ultramarine Violet is produced , with the same performance and ultramarine .

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Cobalt blue ( cobalt oxide ) : a blue color in the best stability , covering power and dryness medium for The Singing Butler prints, works best alone . Never in the absence of the use of dry color layers , adjusting too thick , easy to dry. Cobalt blue , cobalt violet and the same characteristics , the nature of the pigments belonging to the same class .

Sky Blue : It is similar like with cobalt blue color , there is a certain stability , microstrip green , bright, pure and dense. Durable , easy to dry .

Prussian blue , also known as Paris Blue , is a compound of iron and cyanide , color strength . Stable , well done faster. With white lead , cadmium colors, red soil reconcile , will play oxidation makes the screen after long brown hair . Ching Lin : a arsenate color , stability in general, poor light , easy to fade.