In this step , we observe and analyze the objective images of body structures and spatial relationships , the surface texture of factors , such as color and texture, and natural objects observed on this basis . While observing the internal structure of the body , we must, through multi-view , multi-angle observation initiative and tactile experience to grasp objects. Many experienced jack vettriano prints may also be used to observe a fixed viewpoint , but did not expect to touch an object has been painted many times . Rely on visual senses light and dark objects phenomenon to distinguish changes in the structure , so it is easy to overlook the subtle structural relationships implied by shading . The tactile experience can make up for lack of vision in this area , and can help us understand the object as a whole. Prescriptive in any form have internal structure , no matter how complex morphological structure is deduced , can be analyzed and performance. Objective physical presence in the state too much space is presented in three-dimensional , perspective in focus other aspects of the case to get the complex object structures from one angle is very difficult. In order to form the various parts of the objective insight into the organizational structure research in order to form the shape of an impression in the brain and emotional stability of visual experience, but also to explore the intrinsic nature of the object characteristics and potential psychological factors, is bound to be on form repeated , comprehensive, multi-level multi-angle analysis , parsing .


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Usually when we observe though is to observe multi-angle images , but some objects observed only from the outside is not enough . There are many internal structural characteristics of the object are often more than the external form in plants , more fundamental . Such as The Singing Butler prints, pomegranates, oranges, apples and other shape is round , appears to be very close, but the difference between the internal structure of the cut is too much , so only through a cut in order to understand the morphology of the internal structure , to be more accurate, more clearly depict the external shape of the object . Through the study of this step , we have to change the habit of passive observation of visual information , threw himself to explore objects in front of the object more comprehensive observation, found the more, the more keenly observant will .