In recent years, the market for auction market, the overseas aesthetics of Chinese contemporary art has been slowly switching, high-priced when Chinese artists works unsold. Hard to determine the authenticity of the early paintings, contemporary art iffy, realist painting high prices prompted many international art institutions to invest wind shift, the target on the training of young artists. Beginning last year, all as a "youth" theme art project gradually increased. In support organizations, colleges under reflux young artists began to put on a host of drama. Institutions, galleries, and businesses are all in full swing brokers began packaging, promotion action for young artists, thematic exhibitions related to the activities of young artists emerging, such as domestic arts organizations so CYAP, "Youth Art 100" and other large-scale art project, foreign art institutions such as the Art Fund Mercure Paris youth arts education will also be placed in the program.

In the secondary market, adjusted for the current market is facing, looking for new alternatives has the potential to become the Chinese art scene imperative initiatives. Around 2001, the young artist's work only sporadically appeared in the auction market, in 2006, a great number of young artists. In recent years, the rising young artists attracted the attention of record transaction prices more people outside the industry. In 2008, "80" works of the artist Gao Yu, "Tiger" was in Beijing Hanhai Auction 112 million yuan turnover, triggering a series of young artists record the news. In 2012 Sotheby's spring auctions in Hong Kong, young artist Jia Aili's work "Leroy Neiman Paintings" hammer of HK $ 5.5 million, setting a record high auction works of young artists.

In fact, with the overall development of the Chinese art market, art consumer age is coming, the current low price of Chinese contemporary oil paintings of young attractive a big advantage. At auction, usually works more than $ 100,000, the buyer will be significantly reduced. Collection of young artists at least not too much risk, the majority of art collectors and appreciation from the artistic point of view to consumer involvement of young artists. This is also a rational market performance, quality and price that works of art should have sought a fit, it will be realized in the balance of the game markets.

Young Artists at the market's attention and become a hot auction and collectors, this is not only a new aesthetic needs of the market, but also the inexorable law of development of the market. For collectors, the mining and develop new sustainable collection of the artist is necessary. Investment in contemporary art sector is in progress, the consumer interest gradually shifted to the new force is a causal logic. Compared to the already famous star artists, works of young artists are more price advantage, and the collection of interest on the market and there are many optional gradually become the mainstream consumer era of art is also a matter of course.