First, choose according to personal preferences

As home decor dominated jack vettriano prints on canvas works , should be personal preference as a starting point . Even if it is a child's graffiti, if you have special significance for you, you will hang it in a prominent position. There was a gentleman on my exhibition purchased a countryside landscape , because this picture reminded him that he had to jump the queue village scenery , which many think life scenarios that year .

Second, the work should be consistent with home decor .

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If your home decor is Western classical style, then select those suitable for oil paintings of Jack Vettriano Game On with classical art style . Such as some of the well-known works of Chen Yifei . Content can also choose some relatively calm realism of a class of works, such as portrait, landscape, still life and so on.

If your home is decorated in a modern style, then there is a variety of styles suitable choice works . Each style of work , give people different feelings . For example, the works of Impressionist style , colorful and lively, people have a feeling being in nature, can be soothing . Performance style works , the screen with ease, full of passion. People feel excited. Cold abstract style works , rational and full of logical sense, so that the audience quiet , hot abstract works , and with the impact of a strong picture , let emotions . Anyway different works has its own charm. As long as its style and temperament and consistent with your home decor , and your overall decor blends , that is a better choice.

Third, have a professional look and a good artistic taste

Art market was mixed , the quality of the work varies greatly, inattentive will buy fakes , the auction company 's regulations have this sentence: The Company is not responsible for the authenticity of the work, therefore , in the possession of enough to master the appropriate art knowledge , virtuosity gradually improve the quality of order at the time of acquiring works better grasp of the work.

Fourth, we must insist on personal preferences and combines academic

The decor in the home purchase and collection in your favorite works and harmonious environment while you style , which have a greater appreciation of space. This requires that the work should have some academic works need for superb technique, unique and innovative style , the author is a painter with potential development and so on.